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End of Year 2018-2019 Achievements:

Z'cardi Perrie - Honor Roll

Tre'Mauri Jackson - Honor Roll, Highest AR Reader for 2nd grade, Less than 5 absences, & Good Citizenship

William Redmond, Jr. – Perfect Attendance, Good Citizenship, Passed all SOls, onor Roll & Promoted to 6th grade

Trevay Jackson – Honor Roll all year & Passed all SOLs

Alysia Johnson – Honor Roll & Promoted to 9th grade 

Mykia Redmond – Honor Roll, National Honor Society, Perfect Attendance, & Passed all SOLS

Kelsey Henry – Principle's List, Perfect Attendance, Passed all SOLS & All Academic Soccer Team

Treasure Jackson – Passed all SOLs, Good Citizenship, Honor Roll for 4th quarter, & Promoted to 6th grade.

Aniyah Scott –  National Honor Society, James Farmer Scholar, National School Choral Award, Sportsmanship Award, Received many scholarships and cords for various classes & HIgh School Graduate

Capria Tate - Honor Roll for 4th quarter

Triniti Tate -   Social Butterfly Award, Three Pillar Award, Honor Roll & High School Graduate

Jayvionn Gregory - Passed Math & Reading SOLs & Honor Roll for thesemester 

Macario Willis - Honor Roll 

Kanasia Garner - Honor Roll & Perfect Attendance

Kyhla Rich - Honor Roll

Jasmine Perrie - Honor Roll

Jeremy Thompson - Honor Roll & Passed all SOLs