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End of Year 2017-2018 Achievements:

Tre'Mauri Jackson - Principle's List all year & Good Citizenship Award

Amar'e Thomas - Mastered Report Card & Read to third graders

William Redmond, Jr. –Perfect Attendance & Good Citizenship

Trevay Jackson – Passed all SOLs & Promoted to 7th grade

Alysia Johnson – Honor Roll all year & promoted to 8th grade

Mykia Redmond – Honor Roll Community Service Certificate, Volunteer of the Year & Passed all SOLs

Kelsey Henry – Principle's List all year, Accepted in Governor's School, Attended Law School & Made Varsity Cheerleader.  Promoted to 10th grade.

Treasure Jackson – Passed all SOLs,  Good Citizenship & Promoted to 5th grade

Aniyah Scott – Honor Roll, Governor' School & will be attending VA Tech for the summer.  Promoted to 12th grade.

Capria Tate - Honor Roll all year, Passed all final exams Honor Society Selection & Promoted to 11th grade.

Triniti Tate - Honor Roll, Selected as Drum Major & Promoted to 12th grade

Jayvionn Gregory - Perfect Attendance & Promoted to 7th grade.

Macario Willis - Honor Roll all year, James Farmer Scholar, National Junior Honor Society & promoted to 9th grade.

Asia Brooks - Honor Roll, Computer Technology Award, Perfect Attendance, Art & Achievement Award, Library Media Star, & Promoted to 5th grade

Daryl Brooks - Mastery Level, Perfect Attendance, Computer Technology Award, Terrific Kid, Promoted to 1st grade

Ayzaria Brooks - Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, Dreambox Club Certificate, Music Award Promoted to 4th grade.

Jasmine Settles - Perfect Attendance

Deiondre Johnson - Honor Roll & promoted to 11th grade.

Destiny Crockett - Honor Roll, Passed Governor School & Made Varsity Cheerleader.

Paris Smith - Graduated from Massaponax High School

Tayden Gray - Promoted to 2nd grade

Harmony Newman - Placed into Advanced Women's Chorus & Promoted to 10th grade. 

Iyanna Newman - Honor Roll & Passed all SOLs